Should you Consider a Pop-Up Wedding?

Hey friends!

Today I’m so excited to have Sarah Anderson from East Coast Pop Up Weddings here on the blog to talk to you about what a pop up wedding is, and whether or not it’s the right choice for you!

L: Tell me a little bit about what a pop up wedding is!

S: Pop Up Weddings are a relatively new trend which have been growing in popularity. With the launch of East Coast Pop Up Weddings they have now arrived in Nova Scotia. Pop Ups are for creative couples who want to create something meaningful and real but don’t want to get bogged down in the planning process.

As the name suggests, a Pop Up Wedding is a temporary venue in the location of your choice. For us, location is key. Choose a spot that’s meaningful to you: your favorite hiking spot, the place you first got engaged, your backyard patio, and the rest will come to you.  We’ll bring the special touches to make it a party: the cake, the flowers and the photographer and you can focus on the fun stuff: writing your vows, choosing your wedding outfits, etc.

L: What are some of the perks that come with this type of wedding?

S: Getting married this way really allows for the couple’s personality to shine through. There’s so much room for creativity; the focus being more on the vibe of the event instead of the endless to-do list that often accompanies weddings.

In addition, buying a home or traveling might be higher on the priority list than paying for a wedding. Pop Ups offer affordable solutions for people who want to celebrate their special day and not break the bank.

If you’re the lets-just-get-married type, a Pop Up Wedding is the way to go!

L: What type of packages does your company offer for pop ups?

S: We currently offer three wedding packages: The Standard (just a couple and two witnesses), The Tiny Wedding (up to 8 people), and The Modern Elopement (up to 18 people). There are some additional extras that come with each package as well!


L: If people want to learn more what a pop up wedding could look like for them, where can they find you?

S: Check us out on Instagram or email us at to find out more.

Hope you all enjoyed learning more about what a pop up wedding is and whether or not its right for you! Would you ever consider a pop up wedding?

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